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Story of Azarine

Healthy skin is the ultimate reflection of overall wellness.

Amidst our daily busy life, there is a fundamental need for us to take care of our overall body health through our skincare routine. This is because the largest organ of the body is our skin and it is the first defense from pollutants, microbes and other things that can disrupt our health. Our overall wellness can be reflected on our skin's health. Through this philosophy, Azarine commits to provide essential solutions for maintaining our skin health and contribute to our collective wellness.

Azarine is an Indonesian local brand that focuses on skin care and body treatment. Founded since 2002, we are proud to commit continously in providing the best skin care and body treatment. We curate and select high quality natural ingredients to be formulated in our products. We conscientiously formulate all of the ingredients needed that is highly suitable to tackle skin problems and nutritious enough to make our skin healthy and provide ultimate solutions for various skin concerns.

Founded in 2002, Azarine was first created to bring herbal Indonesian Spa recipes for the convenience of the retail mass market and modern beauty salons. From various product variants of multiple scents and series, Azarine products have always sought to specifically heal and maintain your skin health using meticulously selected natural active ingredients. With the creation of the Wahana Kosmetika Indonesia research lab in 2016, Azarine rebranded and brought new scientific improvements fused into their herbal upbringing.

With continuous improvement, Azarine hopes to deliver useful and convenient products to the modern lifestyle. Our Products are all registered by BPOM and manufactured in PT. Wahana Kosmetika Indonesia, which has been certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP or known as CPKB in Indonesian) in 2017. With the completion of a modern and high-tech Factory in 2018, Azarine production moved to the newly constructed building with International Standards and Engineered with integrated systems and automation.

The factory is equipped with modern machineries and utlized by highly competent human resources to ensure that Azarine products are safe and has good quality assurance for you to use.